Thursday, March 08, 2007


As i walked today, i noticed in the snow tha was falling, some tracks that have disturbed the snow. I studied them and concluded they must belong to a transient animal called rabbit. At first i attempted to determine in which area this animal may be lurking, for like many predators, they lurk to eat you alive. This iw shwat i hear from legends of the is beast. Its ears, long and sharp, can listen to the souls of men crying in the darknesss. I knew a man, recently divorced of his wife, who most private thoughts fluctated too and fro like a frozen lake of rregret, of cwhich the rabbits heard all of his pleading. They struck him down like a hard rain, which washes off the dead trees. This man orcreature of sorts, was never the same, and his spirtit whcih was once stone, dissolved as gypsum does under heat. But these rabbits, many more features they collect as if they wer a menagirie of features. They're eyes are piecring markes of black that have been told to reflect any wish. And the legs of the beasts are world renown for being instruments of luck fluctuations. I do not gather in this superstitious lot. I consider myself a creature of reason, for i have studied of many books and know very well of what i speak. These hidden spirits of the woodland, still remain somewhat of a mystery. I will observe further. As i did, as my very own footprints began to dissolve in the endless solvent that is time, clearly noticeable the passing was with the falling of the snow, i noticed a movement in the very corner of my eye one would see such movement. I quickly turned, not to allow myself to be so quickly greeted and invited to the house of Mother Victim and Father pain, and as my eyes (equally dark and reflective) i found myself a braver soul. The very beast disappeared like the weather changes atop a high peak. In these final moments i observed the glint of a finely polished set of carnivorous teeth which sat like sinister inverted tombstones. Upon its breath, the odorous mistakes of chestnuts and acorns. But most disturbing, or perplexing was the nose, did it ever so twitch. I could hear the frozen clicks of a morse code, I ask you reader, was this its primitive language? Further analysis is defineitely needed. I will keep you upadated.


I have to arms, but no hands! I cant figiure out how to learn to use a keyboard. I go really slow and i dont know much to say. I like to read new things. I dont like rock and roll music as much as other things. Actually, i dont listen to much music ever.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

I am Gregrory

This is gregorys's first post, and i am the person who writes this. I am a nice person. I like myself so i wrtie a book about myself. Many believe that i know how to draw, i dont know hwo to draw. I have a person that draws a story for me. This person is a pair of hands that i have found in a drain on 84 gardner st. in allston massachussets. They were magical and they draw what i tell them to. I attached them to a robot body, because a pair of hands that float in mystery is very scary. even to myself. I will show you picture of him later.

This is where i'm heading tomorrow night